Helix Light by Grams - definitive Bitcoin cleaner

Helix is the definitive clearnet bitcoin cleaner.
Grams' helix doesn't just clean your bitcoins - it gives you brand new ones which have never been to the darknet before.
The helix system is more than a bitcoin tumbler, it is privacy and security wrapped in one.

 Simple - enter your BTC address the clean coins will be sent to and start mixing

 Gives you new clean coins

 Have a low fee - 2.5%

 No registration

 Require a minimum of 0.02 btc

Why helix?

The Helix process uses a new proprietary technology which has never been used before with bitcoin tumbling. The coins are not just mixed but traded out for new ones before mixing. By trading dirty coins for out for new coins helix severs the taint trail.


After the intial transaction you send to Helix has 3 confirmations, the coins will be cleaned and sent back to you with 1 transaction immediately. The process can take up to 2 hours, but because of reserve clean coins, 95% of all helixes are sent with in 30 minutes.


The Helix system has a flat 2.5% fee. It is on the high end of the fee spectrum for bitcoin tumblers for a good reason. This system has lots of fees involved with many transactions to and from the exchanges. For the cleanest bitcoins on the dark web we must top-up end prices to ensure quality.


Helix has it's own servers not connected to Grams. The several bitcoin clients it uses are on a completely separate server from Helix and Grams. Even if Grams was under attack or compromised it would not effect the Helix system.The bitcoin clients are also switched out regularly to protect against a server compromise.


Privacy is a main concern for bitcoin mixing which we take very seriously. All logs are deleted after 7 days, but can be deleted by the user as soon as the helix withdraw is complete . Once all transactions have been sent for a regular helix withdraw the user will receive an encrypted message on grams with the transactions hashes. The message will auto-delete after it has been read. Helix light and market users get a status page for each helix. Once the helix light/market is done the user can delete all records of the transactions with a single click.


Helix is easy to use since it is integrated in to your normal Grams' account. Load bitcoins in to your account as you normally do. You will find a Helix withdraw form on your account bitcoin page. Once you put in the amount you wish to withdraw and the address to send to the system with start the process and use the coins already in your Grams' account.